Christmas Greetings

Dear Benefactors and Relatives:
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We celebrate here in the Madhupur Jungle even though the country is suffering a depression because of the world financial crisis. Our 8500 in the Parish are harvesting the rice crop and have food for a few months. Because of our poorly paid teachers, we now have 90% literacy in the Mission. Our young people have jobs and are saving in the Credit Unions and Banks but the price of rice and everything has increased. Boston, England where the original Pilgrims set out for America supported our development projects and little hospital are closing the development project. Carmella Riddell organized fund raising projects and changed the lives of thousands. Our little Bethany Ashram takes in pregnant, unmarried girls, delivers the babies and I give the babies to childless couples thru the courts, according to the religion of the mother.

I celebrated my 83 birthday on Dec. 8th with Tribal dances, songs and many speeches. I was
trained in Cody Institute, Canada in Coops, Credit Unions at CIDA, University of Florida and Baldwin College in Tropical Horticulture and Crops. Because of the training our Garo Tribals are better farmers and educated enough to get good jobs in the country. The Garo society is Matriarchal and the women are strong and peaceful. Many want them for jobs and are famous for working peacefully in homes and beauty parlors. They are excellent teachers and nurses. The development of the people is due to the generosity of my benefactors and I want to thank all for their many years of help for the Mission and people, both Bengali and Tribal. As we celebrate the Birth of Christ, may God Bless all of you for the many years you supported my work. May the Christ Child Bless all of you and grant a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Rev. Eugene E. Homrich, CSC

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